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Bobby Essex Jr

From my experience w...

From my experience with the bastone hookah sticks I can definitely say it has a taste that you can't miss because it's very strong. For a person like me a 3 second inhale is enough or else I might start coughing thats how strong the ones with nicotine are. other than that I highly recommend it . On a side note the led lights up blue if that's your favorite color.

Erin Purnell

I absolutely LOVE it...

I absolutely LOVE it the taste & the flavors are amazing

Marcus Jackson

These hookah pens ar...

These hookah pens are amazing. I've tried the zero and the nicotine kind and enjoyed them both greatly. For their price, they are a steal and every drag I take from it is like heaven when it comes out of my mouth. Definently always a good buy.

Nancy Seufert

I am a fan for life....

I am a fan for life. I tried the cherry splash Bastone Zero Premium Hookah Pen and all I can say is that this product is great. Not just that, but Customer Service at Hookah Town and Hookah Shisha are out of this world. I had a question, and these guys helped me out BEFORE I was a customer.