Refillable Rechargeable Hookah Stick With Charger: Vapor Pen

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Terry Allen
Rating: 5

My first one. Inexpe...

My first one. Inexpensive and works well. Produces considerable vapor, enough to satisfy a long-term smoker. Works nicely with many types of juice. I highly recommend this one for a first-timer, or beginner

Taysha Santiago
Rating: 5

Battery lasts a long...

Battery lasts a long time, long drags, doesn't affect the juice flavor, and it produces thick clouds. Definitely recommend this, it does justice for its price. 5/5 from me!

Adam Tulty
Rating: 4

It's a pretty good i...

It's a pretty good item over all. The only problem is that you have to hold it horizontal or else it tastes really burnt. I heard this can be fixed by a mod but I'm not gonna be messing with it.