Imperial Portable Hookah Stick: Peach Mango Paradise : 600 Puffs

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Brett Kardashian
Rating: 5

Amazing!!! Very good...

Amazing!!! Very good flavor. Smooth, I love it. Highly reccomend!!

Chabellie Gonzalez
Rating: 3

Good flavor, but it ...

Good flavor, but it was a little bit too stronger, I felt it too much in my throat, it kind of hurted. Maybe it's cause I'm not used to nicotine

Rocco DeAngelis
Rating: 5

I highly recommend t...

I highly recommend the Imperial Hookah Sticks, They all taste great to me, especially this one, I was trying to find this pen everywhere but nobody had it except It lasts pretty long to, sometimes the vapor stops pulling a little but if you set it down for a while it will be back to normal. Again, I highly recommend this pen, its also great for portable use... It fits anywhere!

Aldrena Baylor
Rating: 5

I loved this flavor ...

I loved this flavor of hookah! I smoke it all the time, the flavor is very fruity of course since it's peach mango. The flavor is very bold and actually leaves a sweet fruity taste after smoking it. I you really enjoy fruity hookah flavors i would definitely recommend peach mango. It is definitely a flavor that I'll order again, and recommend to others who love fruit flavors.