Buttonless Vape Pen: Bastone Premio Refillable Hookah Pen

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B-1- Buttonless Vape Pen Vapor
1.0 lbs
Constance E
Rating: 1

Bad Service

I placed an order for this device and it took them a week to tell me it was out of stock. They suggested a Valddin. When my order final arrived almost 3 1/2 weeks later, I didnt receive my travel case, my 4 e juices I purchased, and the device didn't even work. I called customers service and emailed them several times and no response.

Rating: 1

According to the website my order should've taken. 1-5 days to arrive i still haven recived it 10 days later. I email the company to ask about my order I was told to check my tracking number which I haven't recived either and then I got no more replies after that. Terrible serviceĀ 

Vivian Leal
Rating: 5

I bought this pen bu...

I bought this pen but the chrome design and I love it!!! It looks super nice and the puffs are great. Definitly worth the money and some!!

Emily Long
Rating: 5

Great product! I'm a...

Great product! I'm a beginner, and I think the price and ease of use of this product is likely hard to beat. HookahShisha in general has really fast shipping and great customer service.

Danny Webster
Rating: 5

This is a great prod...

This is a great product. I have bought several for myself and friends and we all love them and highly reccommend the Bastone Premio to anyone who vapes and smokes. Wonderful pen