Buttonless Vape Pen: Bastone Premio Refillable Hookah Pen





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B-1- Buttonless Vape Pen Vapor
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According to the website my order should've taken. 1-5 days to arrive i still haven recived it 10 days later. I email the company to ask about my order I was told to check my tracking number which I haven't recived either and then I got no more replies after that. Terrible serviceĀ 

Vivian Leal

I bought this pen bu...

I bought this pen but the chrome design and I love it!!! It looks super nice and the puffs are great. Definitly worth the money and some!!

Emily Long

Great product! I'm a...

Great product! I'm a beginner, and I think the price and ease of use of this product is likely hard to beat. HookahShisha in general has really fast shipping and great customer service.

Danny Webster

This is a great prod...

This is a great product. I have bought several for myself and friends and we all love them and highly reccommend the Bastone Premio to anyone who vapes and smokes. Wonderful pen

sherri freer

Fast shipping, good ...

Fast shipping, good clouds, long lasting battery life. This product is great for beginners or someone who doesn't want any fuss.