Double Hose Papa Smurf (MYA)

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Diana Chevez
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Worst service!

I ordered this hookah and was very disappointed in every level. There's a coupon there for free shipping over $20 (code:201721). After my hookah was delivered I noticed the bowl didn't fit at all and one of the hoses are very poorly made(one side thinner that it could break if just touch it) I tried reaching out to them explaining everything with pictures and they tell me it should fit. Then they say there's was a misunderstanding with the shipping and that I have to pay $20 extra if not they won't fix my problem. I was very confused so I called the "manager" Nathan (who had left me a message so I called back) he was very rude and would not let me speak saying I had just paid $40 which is not enough and I was pushing it I was trying to explain that you can't advertise something and then try to charge me more afterwards. He was just being sarcastic because he was implying  "I had paid too little to make a complaint. Which turn out to be a loss. He even called me a bad mom because he heard my boy scream. Then he just hung up on me. And to top it off they don't send all those stuffs they advertised. Worst experience ever.